Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yay!!! Project Done, On To The Next

I really don't know if this would be considered the "front".
And this would be considered the back. But..........here are both sides.

This is the luscious lining. It was so slippery and hard to manage. Just what one would expect from luscious, slippery fabric. There is a pocket that is gathered with elastic, as to keep the pencils, erasers and what not in one place.

And here is the ribbon that was chosen by my granddaughter as a detail for her "book bag". Her father let all of her instincts come out. He said yes to everything.
Her comment to me was "Come, Papa said after I chose the fabric, we could run around the store". I wanted to run around the store after her, but I was carrying one of the rolls of fabric. Oh, the lost fun of youth.
I will UPS this today. I could wait for the weekend but I am much to anxious for my granddaughter to get in all the remaining days of school using her bag.
Since, I can't send a project this big to only one child, a Star Wars "rocket ship/transformer" will go to my grandson.
I hope all will be happy.


patrice said...

I can't believe it came out so amazing! Your craftmanship is stunning, as usual. Give us an update on her reaction when you hear.
Again, WOW!

patrice said...

Annie says "it looks like LaLa Pat bought it at the store!"

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This is one spectacular book bag! I love that she put in her design elements, her father gave her a yes on materials and you breathed life into it with your remarkable skills! Do keep us posted!