Friday, May 1, 2009

Junior League Necklace

Since I am not just a string of Pearls necklace wearer, I always think of this as my most conservative necklace. Something I would wear to the Junior League luncheon. That is if I belonged to the Junior League or if it still exists.
This is green Malachite (I love the striations of color in Malachite) and Fresh Water Pink Pearls.
Pearls comes in many colors. All of them lovely and subtle but my favorite are the pinks and the apricots and the blues and the blacks. Oh, my dear, I think that is most of the colors Pearls come in. The only one that I have seen that I am not overly fond of are the ocher. I saw some once that were almost the color of curry powder. They don't sell well because they do not look well on the skin of the average Pearl wearer. But with the right skin tones, they would be a knock-out.
Pearls are my birth stone and I suppose that we all look to our birthstones to see why they are given to that particular month. I believe that it has something to do with Astrology originally. In that, the Astrologers say that each sign exhibits certain traits. Now I can understand why Pearl is given to June. June is supposed to be Gemini and the symbol of Gemini is "The Twins". And Pearls have a changeability because of the nacre (covering the Oyster makes on the grain of sand or sphere placed in the oyster).
Freshwater Pearls are so different from Saltwater Pearls. The colors are more intense or deep and the covering seem softer. Once you have seen the difference side by side, you never forget it.
I think I like Freshwater over Saltwater Pearls. They are more subtle and climb into your psyche.


patrice said...

Mmmmm. I love this piece and I don't recall you wearing it...
I too am a pearl lover. I will post a few of mine. I think you will recognize a few! I wish the pearl were my birthstone. Mine is diamond. A stone I have few feelings for. said...

So are you a Gemini? I am a twin too. And I love, truly love pearls. I am not a diamond girl and I cannot explain why this is. But give me the pearls and I feel elegant and relaxed at the same time. Such a lovely thing to write about and honor, the pearls of our lives.