Tuesday, May 19, 2009


When I moved to Los Angeles to go to design school, I also worked full time. I had no TV or radio, only a phonograph. I would listen to my records and I would paint with water colors. I have never lost my love affair with water colors, except now I don't pick up the brush. I love the way light comes through the page and the paint. It seems to posess far more natural light than any other medium. I used tp paint every night and I only have a few remaining samples of what I did.

I was planning on bringing my two kittens down to L.A.. They were staying with my sister. I had made arrangements to fly them down but the night before they were to come, one was run over by a car. Shortly after that my three year old niece, Patrice said that I had given her the other one.

Curiously, the day my sister told me about my niece, I remembered a dream that I had the night before. In the dream, I had given the cat to my niece. Maybe we met in the twilight and spoke. So, I was left without a cat companion for about six months until my mother gave me this Blue Point Siamese. I named her Mikko. She was a wonderful cat. We had such fun, racing around the apartment. If a date brought me flowers, she would eat them. If a date left a sweater around on the couch, she would chew it. I thought she was jealous and I thought it hysterical.

Mikko became the subject of this painting. I have it always on display. A tribute to my love of this wonderful cat. She was so much more than a cat, she was really a companion to me.


patrice said...

I remember thinking Miko was much more than a cat too. She seemed so intelligent. Like feline royalty. Her markings, the depth of the browns. I also thought Siamese were very rare and I was amazed you had one.

mendofleur said...

How nice to know a little more about you. I had wondered how you had settled in LA. Now it figures that you would have gone to art school given your family history with art. I loved this story of Mikko and how said for your other kitties. You must have been heartbroken to lose that one.

Your painting is absolutely beautiful! It makes me feel sad that you no longer paint because of your obvious talent and innate sense of it. I am sure life and running your business gets in the way, but it seems like it would be such a satisfying and relaxing outlet for you.

I have been unable to sleep, so I am drinking tea and catching up with blogs. It seems I have been behind with so many things lately. I am sorry to have missed this beautiful post on Mikko, but I am glad that I saw it now. Maybe I can go back to sleep now