Friday, May 22, 2009

Ribbon Tied together

This symbolizes all the diverse strings of my life all tied into one nice neat package. Silly to say that, but life is always many stings with one main one going through it. Maybe just being a woman is the main theme but there could be many other reasons for being on this earth. Not to get to metaphysical on this Friday.
This purse came about because at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) Scholarship store, I kept seeing these many, many large spools of Grosgrain ribbon, different widths and different colors. I kept puzzling what I could do with them. A couple of weeks later, as I stood in front of them thinking, a light bulb went on. I could weave them into a sheet and form a purse I bought a good bunch of the spools. When I came home, I made a frame and proceeded to make my sheet. I had to stop and go out to buy more thumb tacks but I did complete the first stage that day. The next day (Sunday) I made the black velvet lining but I had to wait till the next weekend to finish this purse. It is not large but is big enough to hold the necessaries!
The world seems a little askew right now because my little kitty, Penelope, had her operation yesterday. And she is totally angry and maybe still a little hung over from the anesthetic. She hates Chester at the moment, so this whole post was typed while I held him in my arms. Maybe her name (temporarily) needs to be changed to Peneloopie! She will talk to me but not to Chester and his feelings are hurt. Any suggestions?


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

You amaze me...this purse is sensational...the weaving great and the handle...perfect! Weaving is such a beautiful metaphor.

patrice said...

I would have loved to have seen a work-in-progress shot of this purse! So much color and texture.
This one really is a treasure.

mendofleur said...

What a lovely purse and great idea to weave all of these.

How is Penelope doing? And poor Chester? How are you doing? These things are always traumatic for all concerned. Send me an email and give me an update if you have time!