Thursday, May 28, 2009

Childhood Memories

During the endless days of summer, bunch, gang , group of friends would walk up the the Five and Dime Store. We would pass time there cruising the aisles and dreaming of the things we would buy if we had the money. I think now about the wonder those stores held for me. The aisles and aisles of goods set out for display. My sister and I would buy our Christmas presents there for everyone on our list. I had my first forays of sewing at the Five and Dime. I designed my first skirt from fabric from the Five and Dime. I would walk up to the store and look at the fabrics, decide the one I wanted and then wait for someone to help. When a lady came to help me, I would ask for a finger span of fabric. The lady was always so serious and respectful to me. How I loved the smell and fun of the place.
I would look at the sewing notions and study the wrappers. There was always information on the wrapping about sewing. With needles, the manufacturer would describe for what purpose it was intended. I always took this as a direction, rather than a discription. I was thirsty for sewing information. My Mother didn't sew and my Grandmother didn't live near us. At one point my Grandmother came to visit and I showed her something I had made. She asked why I put the snap on that way and I explained that that was how my dress was made. At that point my Grandmother became my mentor.
This package of needles came to me from that friend who gave me some of her stash. It is probably from the '50's. And it is probably a promotional item from an insurance company. I don't know if I will use the needles, it so much fun just to look at it.

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patrice said...

I collect small notions and ephemera too. I also loved browsing in stores at that age and dreaming of my future purchase power!
Love the photos!