Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Wall Wednesday

This is called "Pogonip." It is in Santa Cruz. It is not far from downtown Santa Cruz and yet it seems many miles from civilization. It puts the mind and soul into another place. As close to the higher self as one can get in this lifetime.

One day, I was in Santa Cruz to celebrate my birthday with my sister. My darling niece whisked my away to take a hike. The day (it was in June) was glorious. The sun was warm and yet there was a very, very slight chill to the air. A sparkling day! We hiked up this path and I remembered all the "roadhouses" that I had seen from my family's car as a child. These "roadhouses" combined a bar and restaurant and were considered family places. We, of course, were never in them but they always looked so romantic to me. This one, in the painting, was a private club that had closed. The whole atmosphere was slightly askew and abandoned. We did not see anyone. Altogether, the hike was memorable.

That night, my sister had invited the rest of her children over. My son and fiancee, Rebecca had come in from Massachusetts. It was lovely. My niece handed me this large, flat package and inside was this wonderful painting.

My photography does not give the true depth and layers of colors that are in the painting.

I framed it in this old frame. The wood came from the 30's and I painted it in shellac. I wanted to be true to time period.

I now look at this painting everyday. I can't separate the day from the painting.

My memories of that day are very warming.

But my aesthetics say that the painting is truly wonderful.

Patrice O'Farrell Hinz

"Pogonip" Acrylic on canvas 22 x 16


patrice said...

I loved that time up at Pogonip too! And I love the way that painting came out. The frame is perfect and I like where you've placed it. You cannot "not" see it as you move through your house. said...

I am a little too curious now. Who actually painted this really wonderful painting? These are the paintings I love most. They have this story that keeps unfolding every time you look at it. I am beginning to think that you live in an art museum!