Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Entertainment

Well, I have entertained myself and had lots of fun. I do not like the shopping bags that we all accumulate. You know the ones from Trader Joe's and from the PBS station that you support and maybe the car dealership that did a promotional? Well, I just don't like the drabness of the bags or the advertisements that I am giving the people. So, today for entertainment I made some for myself. I had purchased this large bag of remnants from Michael Levine's in downtown L.A.'s garment district. It was a huge bag. I purchased it for one piece of fabric. I do not like to waste, so I figured out that shopping bags would be a great use of the extra pieces.
I have already giving the small bag a trial run. It worked great. I carried about 7 pounds of cottage cheese, wine and 1/2 & 1/2 (for my babies).


patrice said...

Those are the most handsome grocery bags I've ever seen. I like the cloth ones because they are softer against your legs when you are carrying a full bag.
I really like them.

Phyllis said...

I agree! Those bags are so unattractive and what a great idea. Those are so chic too! Now I want to make some. (You could actually sell those). I hope Penelope is doing okay.