Friday, August 26, 2011

Edible Art

This is one of the prettiest tortillas I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. The flower is a Squash Blossom.
This came as an appetizer with "Avocado Mousse". And the flavor equaled the beauty.

I went to this amazing restaurant this week and every dish was wonderful.

The Revera is a below the border style offerings. They emphasis Pre-Colombian, Colonial and Modern approaches to food.
It was a real adventure in dining, as they say. But this time it truly was!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I was at a dog show this weekend. It is called an Obedience Trial.
The photo on the left is the group (me on the far right) that I worked with.
The middle photo is of the "High Scoring Dog". Truly a beautiful site to see. The owner loves her dogs and the dogs seem want to please her and they always do their best.
The photo on the right is because I couldn't resist the face.
We had a successful day that finally ended at 6:00 at night. I was very "pooped".

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why I like and Envy Cats

My friends and family know that I look at three sites every day - Awkward Family Photos, Cute Overload and Catasters. If they are good, they are very good. And usually they find at least one funny bone in me. This photo is off Catasters.
This photo had me laughing and showing it to Penelope (my gorgeous white cat). She is the epitome of the attitude these cats display.
The owners love those cats. Each cat has it's own food and water source. They don't have to look at the other's bad eating manners or listen to slurping. These cats are cared for and yet true to cat form, they don't care! So very funny!
I sympathize and truly, I understand. And I think that this is also why I like cats. You can't buy their love.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Last of the Dog Trial Purses

Since I made two purses for the Dog Trial with the rosettes from the award ribbons, I had the printed ribbons left over. I just couldn't throw these away. My feeling of using and not wasting kept gnawing at me. So, I decided to make this one the last. It has ribbons on the front and the back. I used the same web belting that I had used on the other one. The main trouble that I ran into is that the ribbons are very beautiful and lush when they are awarded, the fabric of the ribbons is very cheap. So I had to be very careful and exact when I sewed the ribbon. If I over sewed and then corrected by pulling out thread, it would show. Darn! But after coping with that and also allowing forgiveness on my part, I finished the purse.
The dog trial is next Saturday, so I will find out how well they are received!

This is the front of the fanny pack. The colors of the ribbons may not be familiar to you but they are