Saturday, January 28, 2012

Positive Re-Inforcement

This is going to be used to hold treats for dog training.  I used a Blue Ribbon and took it completely apart and used the pieces.  I made it to go on belt. 
Positive reinforcement is a new way of dog training.  Training use to require that a strong forceful voice would reprimand the poor dog.  Now, when the dog just indicates that he is behaving correctly and he is given a treat.  The dog learns much faster and now every one is on better terms with each other.
The doggie bags that are available in the catalogs are very boring and since I like to improve on the "ugly", I did this.    But I did think that every one who might want me to make one for them will want Blue Ribbons.  And yet there are so many other beautiful colors, but with Dog Training, there is only BLUE.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Revue and Renew Viewpoints

When I made this purse I had the concept of wearing a fancy purse on one's waist.  That way dancing would be worry free.  There would be no clutching a purse in your hand or leaving at the table (if anyone would do that) or leaving your purse with a friend.  I spent a lot of time on the internet trying to find the right belt.  I was never pleased with the belts that I found.  By the time that I received the first acceptable belt, it was a cotton belt.  I had four other belts sitting on my desk.  Well,  after the purse was in another hands (I should say waist?), I became very dissatisfied with the purse and started the process of finding a belt that would please me.
Now, I am pleased.  The belt is a Lizard Skin belt and the light glancing off the belt picks up the light glancing off the Green Malachite and African Jade.
It is now a cohesive whole in my mind.
I just thought I would share this.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Afghan Lives On

I was completely charmed by the felted afghan that I found a  thrift store.  I was so charmed that I couldn't stop myself from using it again.  This is the second purse that I have made of it.  The body of the purse is a leather mini skirt that I found at FIDM about three years ago.  The mini skirt was made of pieces of leather. I find that the patched pattern of the leather gives a more dynamic feel to the purse.
I made this little change purse for the purse.  The ribbon on the leather is GrosGrain.  I haven't decide whether to attach the change purse to the inside of the main purse.  
When I was a child, I remember my grandmother had a purse with a chain holding a little change purse.  I  would watch her pull this little purse out and it seemed so perfect.
I lined the purse with the beautiful orange satin that I lined the other purse with and made the orange robe.  The orange satin seems like the cup that never empties.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lady Gaga of LA

Here is Lady Gaga of LA.  Lucy and I went to see my Darling Niece.  Annie and Lucy are good friends and they love to play.  They were playing Lady Gaga, each one switching off the blonde wig.  I was so amazed by Lucy.  She just fell into the "mode" of being Lady Gaga.  
My Darling Niece took the picture and I finally decided that the world needed to see the new talent.