Monday, December 27, 2010

Down But Climbing My Way Out

About two weeks ago, I took a desperate friend to The Emergency Room. I ended up spending about 12 hours there. It was not by my choice! Three days later, I started going down the winding road of infectious illness. I didn't get my self to the doctor until last week. This lovely lady walked into the room and the first thing she did was put a mask on. She is one smart cookie. I should have worn one the whole time I was tied hand and foot in the Emergency Room. After she diagnosed my problem (Pneumonia), I asked when I would feel better. The unfortunate answer was two weeks. The only light heart part of my exchange with the doctor happened after she asked me what I had done to myself. I told her about being in the Emergency Room and she said....."No good deed goes unpunished". I thought it an appropriate comment as well as funny. The only funny thing for about five days.
This card is from my Great Niece and you can see Lovely Penelope and Devoted, Handsome Chester trying to keep me warm. I just love the crosses in my eyes and the thermometer in my mouth.
I am coming out of it.. Thank God!

p.s. I don't have an update on my stubborn friend, who refused treatment.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two Down,One More to Go

These are for my little girls. These two are competitive and I must do the same for each one, other wise hard feelings occur. But each is such a dear that I never have a problem making something special for them. The next stocking is for my grandson and his is going to be harder. He is crazy about Legos but his father wants his son's stocking to transcend time and he will still use it when he becomes an adult. My sister had a stocking made for my son when he was two. And every year he uses it. He wants the same for his son. So, I am still working out the design of it. But I still have a few more days.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm Getting Started....Finally

This is the start of my Christmas stocking offering to my granddaughter. It isn't finished but it only needs more decoration. This is the fabric that I found on one of my dog walks. And my Granddaughter also likes a lot of glitz. So, I need to go out and get more bling. There is a lot of silk and cording and both sides of the boot are different. It is fun to just follow one's nose. It measures 16" long and 14" wide. This is big enough to put in anything that takes Santa Claus' fancy!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Air is Free Up Here!!!

Last weekend I went to visit my darling niece, who lives in the Oakland area. We had tickets to the show of Post Impressionist that is currently at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. Most of these artist were new for me, and because of that it was a total joy. This charming cat was painted by Paul Bonnard. The focus of the show was the Nabis Group of painters. It was so moving that quite a few times I felt the air leave me. These painting were new and I had not seen them in any book. The shapes and colors were new and fresh. I saw a Van Gogh that I had seen in books but the replicas were nothing, I say again, nothing like the original. One of the most moving paintings was by Maurice Denis . If you can go see this show, go. I do know that it is traveling and hopefully in your direction.
But this fantastic experience of art began the day before. In a very mundane setting, I found the free air. My niece had found a new person that cuts hair beautifully and I was to have my hair cut. We were sitting there and my darling niece made me laugh (she has a wonderful sense of timing and humor). We both started laughing so hard, the owner of the shop brought us a box of Kleenex. It is very cathartic to laugh till your sides hurt.
The rest of my time was just as joyful. Friends came over for dinner, we walked by the bay on sparkling, rain washed beach, my great niece sang in Gaelic for me as many times as I asked it of her.
It was perfect time.