Monday, December 27, 2010

Down But Climbing My Way Out

About two weeks ago, I took a desperate friend to The Emergency Room. I ended up spending about 12 hours there. It was not by my choice! Three days later, I started going down the winding road of infectious illness. I didn't get my self to the doctor until last week. This lovely lady walked into the room and the first thing she did was put a mask on. She is one smart cookie. I should have worn one the whole time I was tied hand and foot in the Emergency Room. After she diagnosed my problem (Pneumonia), I asked when I would feel better. The unfortunate answer was two weeks. The only light heart part of my exchange with the doctor happened after she asked me what I had done to myself. I told her about being in the Emergency Room and she said....."No good deed goes unpunished". I thought it an appropriate comment as well as funny. The only funny thing for about five days.
This card is from my Great Niece and you can see Lovely Penelope and Devoted, Handsome Chester trying to keep me warm. I just love the crosses in my eyes and the thermometer in my mouth.
I am coming out of it.. Thank God!

p.s. I don't have an update on my stubborn friend, who refused treatment.


patrice said...

I'm sooooo glad you are feeling better enough to post! You were pretty damn sick, swirling into the vortex of hell and all it's wickedness.
Keep warm and get better.
2011 is going to be fantastic!

Run Lori Run said...

What a dreadful way to spend the holiday weekend. Hope you are recovering and feeling better! That drawing is great!!

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

Oh my, what an ordeal! Get well soon! (Kitties are always the best companions when feeling poorly.) That little drawing is adorable!

Happy New Year!



Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

Happy New Year, Pat !!
It's been so long and I hope you are well and fully recovered by now ! I wish you a happy, healthy, wealthy and artsy year of 2011 !!!

xoxo =)

Katherine said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you've been sick, Pat. I'm hoping it's all behind you now. Sending hugs to keep you well....

I somehow missed the bug that made its way through my menfolk over the x-mas holidays as well as the flu bug that got my brother and his family sick on Christmas day. Whew.