Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Annie is Coming!

Annie is coming at the end of the week. Lucy thinks the world of Annie. I thought it would be fun to make "matching" pajamas. I made Lucy's first and she got hers when she was here this last weekend. he didn't want to take it off!
Now Annie is coming and they will both be "twins".
The fabric was purchased at FIDM. It is the same fabric as "wife beater" undershirts. It is very light and both girls have a very high thermostat and keeping them covered at night is difficult. With this fabric, they will be comfortable.

I did have immense amount of pleasure sewing the pajamas. It is wonderful to have two little girls to sew for!
The pattern for the top was from one my Darling Niece had come up with and the bottoms are from a suggestion that I saw here.
I like to decorate my darling Chester if he decides that he has to sleep on my cutting table.

Now, my next project is for my nephew's daughter. I have something very special planned. And best of all, it should fun for me .

Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Evening Purse or Afternoon Tea

Finally, I have completed this journey. Life has away of imposing itself on one's time. So many other items imposed themselves on me that I am forming a protest.
This is my ribbon purse. The Indian ribbon had originally held mirrors. I removed them because I did not think it appropriate for the image that I had in mind. The Magenta and gold ribbon I backed with red and green bias tape. All this was sewn together by hand. I am finding that I do enjoy hand sewing. It gives the mind time to inspect the parts have been neglected and need an adjustment.

This is a close up of the Indian ribbon that I so enjoy.

I have lined the purse with what I call Pumpkin Spice Silk. When I first saw this fabric, I wanted to dive into the color and lose my self in it.

I will now start another project, not a purse. Although I have already decided what it will be and I await the time I can begin.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wound Up Like Wire

I was stopped by Chester, who was soundly asleep. He was in a little ball and I was admiring his flexibility. By the time that I retrieved the camera, he was just waking up.
He didn't appreciate the interruption of his afternoon nap.
This is my next project. I am sewing ribbons together by hand. It takes a lot of time and most of all patience. I am still teaching my self not to hurry. This is going to be a clutch bag. It is loud and brassy but fun!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hollis and the Main Librarian

This is Hollis. He is missing his two front teeth. He has an adorable lisp. All that aside, he is very inquisitive. He is the type of child that you might want to put a leash on just to keep your sanity.
Saturday they came to my house and we were going to have "quality" time together. Among the other places we went to, we went to the library to collect videos that they would watch. Just as you walk into the library there is a large table with used books to buy. We all stopped to look and see if we could find treasures. Lucy and I were going through every book and my attention had a glitch and dropped out for a second. I looked up and I could not see Hollis. This is not that big of a library, so I started to panic. I asked Lucy if she knew where Hollis was. No!.
Now I really had to go into action mode.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw the main Librarian walking toward her information desk. She had a Major scowl on her face. I could not see behind her desk because she has two (2) computers there. In not so quiet of a voice she said "Where is your mother?" I rushed over there and lo! and behold! there was Hollis trying to get on the Lego site to play a game. I apologize and pulled Hollis away. Gave him and urgent talking to and then he went to give her a mumbled an apology. Me, poking him in the back, "Louder"!. " I'm sorry". Then the main Librarian became friendly and asked if this was my grandson? "Yes, he really likes computers", I mumbled.
What is it about Libraries and head Librarians that make me feel humble. Is it all the late books that I returned as a child? Or is it the head Librarians telling my mother and grandmother that I had late books still out?
Oh, my guilty conscious!