Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Annie is Coming!

Annie is coming at the end of the week. Lucy thinks the world of Annie. I thought it would be fun to make "matching" pajamas. I made Lucy's first and she got hers when she was here this last weekend. he didn't want to take it off!
Now Annie is coming and they will both be "twins".
The fabric was purchased at FIDM. It is the same fabric as "wife beater" undershirts. It is very light and both girls have a very high thermostat and keeping them covered at night is difficult. With this fabric, they will be comfortable.

I did have immense amount of pleasure sewing the pajamas. It is wonderful to have two little girls to sew for!
The pattern for the top was from one my Darling Niece had come up with and the bottoms are from a suggestion that I saw here.
I like to decorate my darling Chester if he decides that he has to sleep on my cutting table.

Now, my next project is for my nephew's daughter. I have something very special planned. And best of all, it should fun for me .


Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong said...

Hi, Pat !!
Oh Thank you very much for that heart warming comment you left me today. It really does mean a lot ! =) I always love listening to your family stories here.. now you know why :D
Finding a sense of greater belonging is probably something I need the most and something that I struggled all my life. We'll see ! I do my best and let God do the rest =)
Hopefully, the Beauty of Sorrow blog will help me and show me the way !

Regina with big xoxoxo

Katherine said...

Oh, you're so thoughtful, Pat. The girls will love being "twins". Such sweet pjs!

patrice said...

Her bags are packed and she's counting the hours!
Can't wait,