Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Evening Purse or Afternoon Tea

Finally, I have completed this journey. Life has away of imposing itself on one's time. So many other items imposed themselves on me that I am forming a protest.
This is my ribbon purse. The Indian ribbon had originally held mirrors. I removed them because I did not think it appropriate for the image that I had in mind. The Magenta and gold ribbon I backed with red and green bias tape. All this was sewn together by hand. I am finding that I do enjoy hand sewing. It gives the mind time to inspect the parts have been neglected and need an adjustment.

This is a close up of the Indian ribbon that I so enjoy.

I have lined the purse with what I call Pumpkin Spice Silk. When I first saw this fabric, I wanted to dive into the color and lose my self in it.

I will now start another project, not a purse. Although I have already decided what it will be and I await the time I can begin.


patrice said...

It's delicious.
Like a fruity dessert or a new pair of sandals.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty purse! It would be perfect for an evening out when one wants/needs to get all dressed up. I can also see this as a beautiful bridal accessory. It's just so elegant.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This is yet another beauty. I too see it as an evening purse...but also an afternoon tea in an outdoor cafe in Venice or Paris? The ribbon and fabric together is amazing!

Katherine said...

Wow. This is so lovely. I love the ribbon detail on the inside as well. Each bag you make is done with such artistry, Pat.