Monday, November 14, 2011

Time in a Bottle

There is a song by Jim Croce that is titled Time in a Bottle.  That is what I have experienced while I was sewing this purse.  I have no idea when I started this but as of yesterday, it is finished.  What a relief to complete it.  Each row of ruffles had to be made.  Then it had to sewed onto GrosGrain ribbon.
I changed ideas a number of time.  Each time I did that, I had to rip out or re-create.  This purse was a test of my creativity and fortitude.
I fell in love with the color.  I felt that I could dive into the color and reach another universe.  I had to incorporate it into a purse.  The idea for the purse came whole into my mind.  In order to bring it into the "real" world seemed to take forever.    The inside has two pockets on one side and one pocket on the other.  I finished each pocket with a trim of ruffles.
Now my brain has to unwind before I can start another project.  I  keep the faith that I will finish in a respectable time.