Friday, September 24, 2010

Exercise in Accuracy

I am going to baby shower tomorrow. I have not been to a baby shower since the baby shower for my grandson Hollis, which was about seven years ago. I was fully immersed in my work and couldn't put my time to making something to commemorate his arrival. So, when this shower came along, I have asked myself repeatedly why I am going to this effort. For my ego defense, I must say that I really enjoy making quilts for babies. It seems to be like an insurance policy for the future of civilization, a testament of my confidence that "we" will survive.
I did haul out all the saved scraps of my life. As you can see I am very attracted to red. I enjoyed making this and it went fast enough (about 3 days). I find that I take a long time to make anything, but I limited the complexity allowed me to speed sew.
The baby will be named Chloe, may she live long and happy.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Homage to Klee

I have always enjoyed Paul Klee. I puzzle about the shapes and I enjoy what I consider whimsy. This purse evolved by itself and perhaps that is what happened to Klee. At least that is what I like to think.
The red fabric is a very, very soft fleece. It was a remnant that I purchased about four years ago. I purchased it because of the color and the softness. The shapes are silk. The blue and chartreuse are Chinese and the red is Indian.
The gems are Biwako Pearls, Lapis Lazuli, and American Turquoise. How I love gems. The colors are so pure and so satisfying to touch.
What is curious about this purse is that the whole thing flowed, even the gold tone chain. I don't know if I like to work hard on a design or have it flow. It is always enjoyable.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gratuitous Cat Photo

Ain't he the best?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Work

The fabric for this bag was a remnant. I had three large pieces, two of equal size. I like the idea of piecing the two pieces put together, so that is what I did. I sewed two lengths of grosgrain ribbon together and also used the same grosgrain ribbon to bind the edges. By doing using to grosgrain in this manner, I created a design element that was a basis for the purse. I also had this piece of leather left over and I incorporated it into the purse.

All of the parts added up to this whole. I had challenges to get to the completion of this purse and I would have to think on the next step. I would rip and tear and baste but it finally came out like I imagined it.
The trinkets on the side are what I interpret as charms. When I worked for my Uncle, he had a Macumba charm. I found it endlessly fascinating. It was a large ring that was on a chain. On the ring were many different charms; legs, hearts, hands, houses, money, all the items that represent the good life. This charm was not to have been taken out of Brazil. It was considered a national treasure. Even though the charms on the side of this purse are meaningless, I like how the make noise and add interest to the whole. The purse measure 14" w x 11" h and 3" w.
p.s. the teeth are not real!

Two of My Favorite People

I have carried this in my wallet for a long, long time. Have you ever seen two happier people. The loved to be in each other's company. This is my Mother and my Darling Niece in one of the first times that they went off by them selves to see my grandmother. They all reveled in each other. The happiness is so thick, you could slice it and serve it. That is why I carry it, so I can enjoy and participate in their happiness.
As it is said on television "What's in your wallet?"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Drama Camp

The Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation offer a Drama Camp. Lucy was only able to attend the last week of this very special summer camp. This camp has the children singing, dancing, body movement classes and expressive drama exercises. It is not a well known offering by the Parks & Rec but by next year I am sure that children will be vying for the open places. Even though Lucy was there for just a week, the director fitted her in so that Lucy felt that she really was part of the whole.
The children are singing "Doe a Dear, a Female Dear". All the children were wonderful and expressive. There were many hams in the group. Lucy is the second one in from the left, her friend Isabela is sitting on the far left.
The lady on the right is the drama director. The lady on the left is an intern. She spent all summer volunteering and she has now left for her college back east. The funny fellow in the middle isn't Charlie Chaplin, he only looks like him. He was the comic relief and we enjoyed him and he enjoyed it as well. Later he played Emilio Zapata to very great comic effect.

The ages of the children was from about 5 to 13. The older children worked on writing the skits that the other children perform. This one is about early Los Angeles.
A supervisor worked hard to re-open this amphitheater that had been closed for 40 years. It is situated in a very lovely park right next to Dodger's Stadium. How it was overlooked and unused is very hard to understand.
The day was lovely and warm. Afterward we relaxed and had a picnic on the lawn that is surrounded by the native Oaks. A perfect Los Angeles day and perfect for the end of Summer.
Happy Labor Day.