Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And Beauty Surrounds You

My Darling Niece and her daughter, Sweet Annie, came down over the weekend. We have been busy every moment. Not a minute was spared. We lived and breathed the "rare" air of art and artistry.
Here they are out on the portico at the Getty Villa in Malibu. This magnificent museum was built to show the intense interest that J. Paul Getty had for early art. Art that has survived from the the countries and cities that abounded in the Mediterranean going back to prehistoric up to the fall of Rome. All of the flooring,
up to the ceilings were accurate to the times. Every item used in the buildings reflected those times.
There is a wonderful
amphitheater that we sat in and basked in the sun. There were people at the bottom of the amphitheater (where the actors would be) and their voices carried all the way up. This is a sculpture of a toddler satyr playing with a "drama" mask. Looking through the eye socket of the mask you could see his face. On his back side is a very short beginnings of a tail. Charming doesn't cover the wonderfulness of the statue. But my brain is still in overload. The magnificence of the Getty Villa has to be seen.
This is one of the "Wishing Ponds". The water is ever circulating. It comes over the edge to cross to the opposite side and slowly slides down the wall.
This is a Roman garden with a reflecting pool that is about 100 feet long. The statue is another satyr but this one is a youth. There is a portico that surrounds the pool. The floor of the portico is a replica of one in ancient Rome. All of stones for the floor mosaic are a duplicate the original floor. Every turn of a path or new room entered, held something new to inspect and enjoy.
A day later went went to the Tim Burton exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This time all of the children went.
This is how we entered. It was a beautifully constructed exhibit. The visitor got to see how Tim Burton started and carried forth his ideas of whimsy. That word, whimsy, is really too light a word to use with a Tim Burton work. However, since the subject matter is not representational, I cannot find a better word. The children shivered and enjoyed it all.

My Darling Niece put make up on Annie and Lucy similar to the Burton characters. They loved feeling a part of the show.
These ever changing air balloons were at the end of the show.
Somehow my darling Hollis felt out of sync with the girls but I think he enjoyed the show most.

It was a very special visit.

Visiting Museums is very thrilling and inspiring to me and I now get back to reality and use what inspired me.

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patrice said...

Now that the kids are of the age to accompany us we can pass on our passion for history, art, and the divine to the next generation.
The Getty Villa was perfection...the collection!! The grounds!!
So was Tim Burton at LACMA.
Two men who had vision and cared enough to go all the way with it.