Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Air is Free Up Here!!!

Last weekend I went to visit my darling niece, who lives in the Oakland area. We had tickets to the show of Post Impressionist that is currently at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. Most of these artist were new for me, and because of that it was a total joy. This charming cat was painted by Paul Bonnard. The focus of the show was the Nabis Group of painters. It was so moving that quite a few times I felt the air leave me. These painting were new and I had not seen them in any book. The shapes and colors were new and fresh. I saw a Van Gogh that I had seen in books but the replicas were nothing, I say again, nothing like the original. One of the most moving paintings was by Maurice Denis . If you can go see this show, go. I do know that it is traveling and hopefully in your direction.
But this fantastic experience of art began the day before. In a very mundane setting, I found the free air. My niece had found a new person that cuts hair beautifully and I was to have my hair cut. We were sitting there and my darling niece made me laugh (she has a wonderful sense of timing and humor). We both started laughing so hard, the owner of the shop brought us a box of Kleenex. It is very cathartic to laugh till your sides hurt.
The rest of my time was just as joyful. Friends came over for dinner, we walked by the bay on sparkling, rain washed beach, my great niece sang in Gaelic for me as many times as I asked it of her.
It was perfect time.


Run Lori Run said...

I'm all for laughing 'till milk comes out your nose too. Very healthy I believe.

And no mastery of the camera over here- it came with two manuals and two DVDs! I have photoshop and it makes my head hurt too. I need an actual LESSON!

patrice said...

I hope we are welcomed back the KB Hair next time you're in town.

Malixi Marketing said...

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Phyllis said...

I have always love the Nabis group of painters. This painting is wonderful by Bonnard. How nice that you had a chance to visit your niece again.

beadbabe49 said...

What a perfectly lovely visit...I'd love to see the show too....