Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Last of the Dog Trial Purses

Since I made two purses for the Dog Trial with the rosettes from the award ribbons, I had the printed ribbons left over. I just couldn't throw these away. My feeling of using and not wasting kept gnawing at me. So, I decided to make this one the last. It has ribbons on the front and the back. I used the same web belting that I had used on the other one. The main trouble that I ran into is that the ribbons are very beautiful and lush when they are awarded, the fabric of the ribbons is very cheap. So I had to be very careful and exact when I sewed the ribbon. If I over sewed and then corrected by pulling out thread, it would show. Darn! But after coping with that and also allowing forgiveness on my part, I finished the purse.
The dog trial is next Saturday, so I will find out how well they are received!

This is the front of the fanny pack. The colors of the ribbons may not be familiar to you but they are

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patrice said...

I bet this one looks great on the body, since it would drape so nicely around the torso!
Get a pic of the new owner when it goes to it's new home.