Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Roaring Twenties" in Today's View

This is my interpretation of what women in the 1920's would have liked to wear. This is a "Fanny Pack" purse. It goes around the waist, opens freely to retrieve items. There is no fighting with zippers. It is cut Velvet, multi-hued and wonderful to the touch. I have added square cut Malachite beads and African Jade round beads. I so enjoy decorating my purses with jewels. I don't often have a chance but this fabric called out loud and clear for me to decorate it. I had to dye the belt to go with the purse colors. I lined the purse with a matching dark avocado green Silk.
Here is a close up of the many hues of the fabric and a close up of the square cut Malachite.
I have to say how much fun that I had making this purse. It is another one that came to me "whole cloth" in the middle of the night. It took some time to get all the parts I needed but every piece that I imagined arrive in time.


Anonymous said...

That purse is truly beautiful and a work of art. The square cut Malachite was the perfect added touch.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This is such a beauty. I can easily see it on a young actresses waist...maybe over a silk shirtwaist dress or a silk top with skinny jeans? Oh, the places this purse could go!! Love the stones.

Katherine said...

Oh la la... what a gorgeous purse. You were so right in choosing to add a bit of bling to the gorgeous fabric. I think your purse is ready for a glam nite on the town, Pat! Love your attention to detail, it sets your work apart.