Monday, July 4, 2011

Nightgown for the Many.

This is the nightgown that these instructions are about. There are quite a few variations and twists that can be done. You can make it knee length or waist length and add pajamas. The sleeves can be lengthened. Lace can be added. Decorations of many variety can be added.
What I mean to say, is that you can make it to your own personality. That is what I find so good about this pattern. Also, it whips up in a few hours. My granddaughter told her father that I had made a nightgown for her "in five minutes".

This is a cap sleeve.
I combined two fabrics. These fabrics are from Ghana and they make their fabrics only 36" wide.
What I am saying that there are endless variations. You never need to get bored with the pattern.


You will need for a ankle length short sleeve nightgown:
4 yards of 45" fabric, woven or knit
3 yards of 3/8" elastic
1 spool of matching thread

Measure the Bust and measure the upper Arm.
Bust measurement needs be half again as large.
(44" bust add 22" to it and that is the total measurement of 66")
Upper arm needs to half again as well ( 13" pus 7" for the total of 20").
The pattern of the nightgown measures 33" this is 1/2 of the total fabric.
The sleeve pattern measures 10".
Use tissue paper for the pattern.

1. Sew the sleeve angles to the body of the nightgown*.
*If you are using knit fabric, use a very small zig zag stitch, that way the tread won't break
when stretched.
Mark the length of the arm measurement with a marking pen.
2. Sew the sleeve and the body of the nightgown.
Sew a channel for the elastic on the sleeve and the neckline.
Use a safety pin to thread the elastic and then sew securely the marked elastic.
The neckline needs to be measured to get the right measure.
Measure across the chest and then measure from front to back.
Mark the elastic and thread through the top, sew the elastic at the mark.
3. Sew the hem.

4. Tack the elastic on the neck line at the sleeve and body of the nightgown. Use a small, tight zig zag stitch. This secures the gathering into one area.

Now you have a nightgown to wear tonight!

This nightgown is a knit and I put a self fabric ruffle on the hem.
I lengthened the sleeve and used the a zig zag stitch which held the corded elastic and then pulled the elastic to the right length and added the lace.
Mostly I use knit fabrics but for this tutorial, I used woven fabric.

Pajamas with mid-length sleeves and calf length pajamas.
Pajamas with short sleeves and elastic around the waist and lace added.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Your fabric choices make a difference...these are beautiful and look perfect for sleep...not too full and the elastic looks generous! Great instructions! The girls look so cute!

栋栋 said...

You are absolutely right. In it something is and it is excellent idea. I support you.

Shari Dunfee said...

I made this same type of nightgown in flannel when I lived in Humboldt county 30 years ago. I love how flexible it is, and comfortable. I may just have to make myself another. Thanks, Shari

patrice said...

I love the fit and I think they are flattering! Annie and I both love ours. They are like the Volkswagon (people's car) of sleepwear.