Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Beach or Shopping Bags

I think that I have re-discovered my love of quilting. I look at Sew Me Something Good frequently and this lady is a master quilter, plus she seems to have fun doing it. Since I started sewing I would save my large scrapes. This was probably a hang over from making doll clothes. But then my Grandmother gave me a roll of batting (batting is used between the pieced top layer and the bottom layer, then one sews or tacks the 3 layers together), which confirmed that one day I would make a quilt. I made my first quilt when I was about 25. It was a baby quilt for a friend. I used my batting. The roll got smaller and smaller. At some point I realized that one does not have to have a batting filler. I have used flannel sheets, lightweight blankets and heavy knit cotton. Now, I know that there are many choices of batting but I always prefer to use what is at hand. But since the roll cotton batting is long gone. my next quilt will probably have to have "store bought" batting.
I was inspired to make these bags because of the Ghana nightgown that I just made. As I said before, I can't throw away usable scraps. I went through my Trader Joe bags (where I store my scraps -very high tech!) and came up with the rest of the pieces.
I lined the bags with fabric that looks like old maps. It is very light and detailed in color. What is intriguing about the print is that it show islands and land masses that do not exist.
I did enjoy this exercise and the re-awakening desire for quilt making.


patrice said...

The other shoppers will be jealous of your bags...
I like the warm and cool tones too.

Run Lori Run said...

Love the bright, warm fabric.

Katherine said...

Lovely! You know how much I adore patchwork, Pat. Not only are these great looking, but a wonderful way to get those scraps out there, where everyone can enjoy them. Yay!

P.S. Wow. Hearing that I have inspired you makes me happier than you can imagine. Thank you for all the lovely, encouraging words you always leave on my blog, Pat. You have been so kind and generous to me. I love that through blogging we're able to share what we create and can mutually inspire one another.