Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Wall Wednesday

This hangs in my bedroom on the wall with many other paintings. However, it does stand on its own, in that it has its own message. This was painted by a young man just beginning to find his own voice. For this, I really enjoy looking at it and seeing the subtext. The items he displayed are items that had been collected by him. Items that had meaning and I think that he infused the meaning into them but..the subtext of the comic setting is a darker side. The way I see it, he is trying to say that life is good but death is lurking. That is how I see it but maybe that is me and not the artist.

The artist has gone on to find his niche is Illustrated Books (the comic book genre that has become so big). And the darker side is still exhibited in his books. He has accumulated awards and honors. And I still enjoy and look forward to the next work that I will see.

Jordan Crane
24 x 30 Acryllic on canvas


patrice said...

You're right. Mr. Crane's work has always had a dark undertone, even in his very early work! This painting looks great online. said...

I am always amazed at the art you share on your blog. What a great collection. I think one of my favorite contemporary artists is Jamie Wyeth, a realist with an edge.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I like this piece very much! You must have some wonderful walls....surrounded by pieces you love and love to look at each day!