Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life in the Midst of......

I promise that this is not a rant but I miss my time when I don't sew. I have not had any time to proceed with my "book bag" for Lucy. And the hard part is that school is almost over. My work in the shop is all consuming and weekend time seems to be in the shop as well. However, last weekend we had a power surge and the phone line for the shop went out. It was blessedly silent. I had forgotten how nice it is not to anticipate the phone.
This morning I was thinking that sewing is an active sport. It is not like knitting, crocheting, or embroidery. I see those as a "put down when interrupted" craft. But for me, sewing is up, down, concentrate, don't interrupt me sport. Before I start sewing I need to get my thoughts together and see what the next step is and then take it. And the only way I can do that is to have time. That is a very precious commodity in my house.
These photos are from my daily walk. My dogs think that I take them for a walk but really I do it for me and they are my companions on the walk.
I tried taking both on a walk but the only time I did that Simon had an encounter (separated by a fence) with another large male. I could not control two large German Shepherds very easily and managed to drag myself back to a telephone pole and hung on till I could get verbal control over the dogs. It probably was very funny to watch but that ended the "two dog" walk.
The Jacaranda trees are now in bloom and they drop their petals all over and they are breathtakingly beautiful. When I look at the petals, the color fills my eyes and my mind. It is wonderful.


patrice said...

Ahhhh! I love it when the Jacaranda bloom too. It seems like they bloom earlier in Southern California than they do in Northern. I'm looking forward!

Here's wishing you a long weekend pure sewing pleasure. Isn't Labor Day coming up?

mendofleur.com said...

It must be very frustrating to not get back to a project that you long to finish. I agree that sewing is an active sport. You have to be prepared when you engage. Knitting can be put down in an instant and picked up minutes later without much thought. I think you are such a lovely person the way you love your animals and care for them. Walking the dogs takes time too. You may not be tap dancing like your mother, but you are dancing energetically to your own time and priorities. Life is too short so we need to take time for little moments of joy here and there. I love the Jacaranda trees and remember them well when I lived in Southern Calif. Nice to have such a treat when you go for walks. I will email you later regarding hiking.