Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wonderful time

I went way faraway on Saturday. That is way faraway for a day trip. It took about 1 1/2 hours on the freeways. I had a wonderful time. A friend and I went "way faraway" to visit her daughter, who was cleaning out her fabric stash. I was the lucky receiver. Now this woman, the daughter, happens to be the most impressive seamstress that I have ever encountered. She can whip up bride and bride's maids dresses in about 6 weeks, has two boys and works full time. The sewing she does is breathtaking. I still can't get over the creations she made. I saw one dress that was a prom dress. It was pink, was draped in such a way that the girl wearing it looked like a princess. She must have been the best dressed girl at the prom.
Anyway, I came back with a haul. Six Trader Joe's bags filled. Now comes the problem of finding where to put all this. A small problem compared to my fabric addiction.
She also passed on this little book that was printed in 1974. It has all sorts of small projects that could be fun gifts. This jewelry bag got me to thinking of using my sample silk pieces and whipping up some gifts. I would also include a device to hold necklaces. After all, that is what I wear more than anything else!!


Pat said...
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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

What wonderful fabrics you gathered. It must have been hard to calm the mind what with all the ideas floating around...what to start first!
Love the watercolor of your Mikko. Do you still work in watercolors?

mendofleur.com said...

What a lucky find. It amazes me how some women can manage so much all the time amidst family, work, and outside sewing. That vintage book is great. Knowing you, you will come up with some great ideas to share.