Friday, May 15, 2009

My Fantasy Jewelry

This is a fantasy that birds are really jewelry. Some birds are so colorful that all you would need is a simple dress or top and then you could wear your bird. I did see a man at a fair wearing a dark navy shirt and on his shoulder he wore that magnificent parrot that was the same color as his shirt. It is this that I tried to capture.
This is a PreColombian Mexican Turquoise. The Mexican Turquoise seems to be a little greener than the Turquoise that we are accustomed to find in the States.
The rest of the stones are Fresh Water Pearls, Malachite (dark green), Malachite and Azurite in combination (green and blue) and Jasper (red) The beads in the necklace is Adventurine Jade (a form of quartz).
When I made this, I tried to capture the bird sitting on a swing. And all the fantasy of wearing a bird!


patrice said...

I think birds, bugs and small reptiles make wonderful jewelry. Especially this bird. So modern, yet so ancient. So surprising and oh! how that jasper pops against the cool stones.
Wow! said...

I love the colors and the different elements you have in this piece. You should be selling your pieces! They are really wonderful.