Friday, May 8, 2009

The Orchid Blooms Again

I am always so pleased when one of my orchids blooms. I have four plants and I tell myself that at least I have kept them alive. My first orchid almost died. I took some one's advice about the caring for an orchid and it almost died. Then I met a man who had the most beautiful orchids and they were so healthy looking. He told me that the very best place for orchids was a bathroom that was eastward facing. In that atmosphere, the orchid receives the temperate climate and the moisture that it needs. He also said I should water it once a week when not in bloom, and twice a week when it is in bloom. Also, feed it once a week when in bloom and once every two weeks, when not. Oh, and don't let it sit in water.

Armed with these simple instructions (I am lucky to have a eastward facing bathroom with a ledge that faces the window), I have kept not just one, but four plants alive. I don't have blooms every year but I do have at least one plant a year with blooms.

The orchid above is the one that almost died. As you can see, it lives.
And if you think about it, those instructions he gave me could apply to living as well.


patrice said...

Ahhhhh! I always feel amazed if I can keep a plant alive. And it it blooms! I feel like the universe is smiling down on me.

It's a beauty.

patrice said...

that was "if it blooms!"

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I just received a gift of an is in full bloom and has buds as well. Quite frankly, when it is done blooming it is done here...I will follow your instructions but I have very little hope of my skills improving! It really is a gift to care for plants and you seem to have that gift...enjoy!