Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bookbag Progress Report

Well, I am making some progress. My work is awfully busy now and finding time is difficult. But I did find some time on Sunday to work on the bookbag. However making a bookbag is totally different from making a purse. I am looking at this as an exercise to make me more profiicient in concept and design. I have made the strap, the zipper opening on top, the side pocket and the "Crown" design has been put on the other side of bag. Now all I have to do is

1. Find some time to work on it .
2.Cut and sewing lining and add pencil pockets on inside.
3. Get the courage to see if all my calculations are correct and the piece comes together.

Right now, all three reasons are daunting.


patrice said...

I wanna see the crown part!

Pat said...

There, I had a bit of trouble posting the crown but now it is here in all it's Lucy splendor!

mendofleur.com said...

So this must be the original...yours. Can't say I have made a bag this large without a pattern. Looks like it will be a bag for many good uses. What is the crown? That looks so neat. It must be a special symbolic piece. I hope you post results. It must be frustrating to start a project and not get back to it for awhile. I guess this is a problem for all of us, but especially for someone who operates their own business! How are the kitties?