Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Meditation

When I look out my living room window, this is what I see. I see the leaves of the Grape Ivy and blended with the leaves, I see the "Church Window". This is what I call my stained glass. When I was a child in church and the sermon got to wordy for me, I would look at the stained glass windows. I did not really enjoy the "allegory" windows depicting scenes from the Bible but the ones I loved were the simple designs. I would wonder off into my imagination, trying to figure out the pattern and manner of construction. And I still have that habit, even though I understand how stained glass is constructed.
A friend of mine, Kenny Dingman, made this. He was a very sensitive artist. One of the few men of my generation that accepts people (meaning men and women) as equals. He was a precursor of the Hippies; he was a "Beatnik". Years older than me, he was married to a very good friend of mine. It was so easy to be in his presence. He would churn out these amazing windows as if it was a natural thing to do. He never sold them and maybe for that reason, they are all the more cherished. After he died, I received this window. It needed framing and stabilizing, as these objects are very fragile. I did the necessaries, and then walked about my house, seeing where I could hang it. Then it became apparent. And here it is. Everyday I get to enjoy it.

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patrice said...

Mmmmm. What a view! It is so serene.