Sunday, June 28, 2009

Found Treasure

Somewhere along the way, I acquired this beautiful clutch bag. I think I know from where it came from but I can't say for sure. I have never used it. It is new but it is old. But here I am vague again, I don't know how old. I believe that this was a gift or re-gift to my Mother. It could have been a garage sale acquisition. Anyway, I don't use purses that I haven't made. Doesn't that sound stuffy but it is how it is. I have been making my own purses for the last 20 years and I do enjoy using my own creation. Even when I was still learning to sew, I was never embarrassed about my sewing because it was always the best I could do at that time. And when put that way, I did not see the flaws. Also, this little purse is just too small to put a check book, wallet, make-up bag etc. into it.
The colors are just as fresh as the day it came off the loom. I did consider ripping it apart and incorporating it into one of my purses but that seems sort of sacrilegious. I feel that all artists or artisans are proud of their work and I should respect that. So, that said, what do I do with this lovely purse. As you can see from the box that it was in, the Fred Harvey Hotels must have sponsored it. And it is hand loomed. Maybe Ebay? I don't know anyone that could use it and it does seem like a waste. Oh, what to do, what to do?


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Ebay sounds like a good idea. It is lovely but I can see it would be for "going out" because it doesn't hold much. Anyone would treasure yes, Ebay!

leilani said...

I wouldn't hesitate to take it apart and use the pieces in a creation of my own. I should think the original weaver/artist would much prefer you putting their work to good use and enjoying its beauty. Not only would you be enjoying it but everyone who saw and admired your purse would also be enjoying it. I would think of it as "living on" loved and in good hands.