Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Annie and I

I try not to look at this photo. Yet, when I do, I remember how sweet life always was when I knew that my sister was in this world. And that is why I do not look at this photo.
The photo on the right was taken by a neighbor in her backyard. We, her children and my sister and I, had created a garden in our backyard. I had read a book about a little girl and her flower garden but I thought wouldn't it be fun to have a vegetable garden. We were nine and eleven and knew nothing about the art of vegetable growing. But we all went ahead. Their father came over and dug a small plot for us. And we put in the seeds. I don't remember what we planted other than zucchini and pumpkins. And this pumpkin (see above) maybe the only product of that garden. Yet it was instructive and a lot of fun for all of us.
The photo on the left was taken years later. You can still see the rapport that we still had and the joy in each other's company. When I received this photo in the mail from my sister, I couldn't place why it looked so familiar. Then it clicked and I went through my mother's photos and found the little snapshot. I had both brought up to the same size and mounted them together as a small Christmas gift.
When she passed away, I asked for this rememborance back, yet I don't look at it very often, as I can't.


Phyllis said...

What a sweet story but sad too. I never lost anyone at a young age, but I always had a fear that I would.

I guess it would always be a little hard to go back and look at these photos as it would bring up good memories but loss as well. I think you were pretty brave to write about this and share it. Perhaps there was something deeper in you that needed to let go of some of this.

patrice said...




Blue Sky Dreaming said...

So good to see you together...real sisters and I know your loss and I know your memories are full and rich...none of this is easy. Such smiles on your faces!