Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Making

Somehow, if you give roses enough water, they are forgiving of the care or lack of care they get. These are "Queen Elizabeth", a very gentle and beautiful rose.
And my "Babies" are now 8 months old. I guess, in cat language, they are considered full grown but boy, are these big cats. They eat five times a day, and not because I spoil them. It must be the 1/2 & 1/2 I give them. Or the chicken and sometimes tuna. No I don't spoil them, I don't even get made at them in the middle of the night, when they rampage across the bed. I am very forgiving of my sweet babies.


patrice said...

It's beauty all around you! Roses and kitties.

And yes you do spoil them.

Phyllis said...

Of course you should be spoiling them! Such beauties they could you not? This all black and all white is such a dramatic photo. What a lovely greeting card it would make. The roses are pretty too. What a nice color.