Friday, June 26, 2009

My "Dancing Mama"

Toward the end of my Mother's life, a woman came into her life who had made her living being a dancer. They became friendly and my Mother found out that this woman tapped danced. For the exchange of a lunch on Saturdays, this woman would teach my Mother to tap dance. This went very well. My Mother was thrilled to learn something that she had wanted to learn all her life. The other woman (who had no family) enjoyed the encounter with my Mother's. I always worked on Saturday and sometimes my son would be with me. So, this woman experienced the multi-generation of a family.
Other friends heard of the lessons and wanted to learn as well. There were too many woman, so they moved the lessons to the Senior Citizens Center. From there, these woman decided to entertain the retirement homes around town. All of these woman blossomed with the experience.
My Mother got to sing and dance. The last years of her life were full and enjoyable. And I was very happy for her.
When my granddaughter saw pictures of my Mother, she wanted to meet her. My son explained that she had died. And my granddaughter, seeing the pain in my son's eyes, said "That's alright Papa. My Dancing Grandma is in my heart"

My Mother is the little one on the right in the photo.


Phyllis said...

What a treasure of a story. I am amazed at some of the family history that is unfolding here. What an inspiring story this is for women as they age, or for any woman for that matter. Just learn to tap dance at a later age and then to think the group became larger as even more wanted to join in with fun and the exhilarating experience. I think this proves that it really does not matter what age you are. The important thing is to follow your heart until your heart stops beating. I want to to this....and I would guess I am not alone in this dream.

patrice said...

To my eyes, she was always a sparkling superstar, so when she started dancing, it seems she'd always been one.
There was no one like her. She was the heart and sole of love to me. And she is always in my heart.