Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If I Don't Stand Straight, I'll Fall

The Glass Castle by Jeannete Walls
The Carcass of the the Dreaded Mouse

It has been one of those times in life when vulnerability is foremost. Everything seems to point that humanity is indeed what we are made of! Bad sentence formation, but hopefully the idea comes across. If I don't stand "tall", I'll break. I have a birthday coming up, I read other blogs and everyone seems to hold up their birthdays as wonderful and good. And, I know I should but "Golly Gee!! I don't think it is so wonderful". As I trip down life's alleys and byways, I am now noticing all the flotsam and jetsam of life.
For instance, last night. Last night, right before I turned off the life, I finished "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls. I enjoyed the book immensely but that girl had a hard, hard life and still stood straight. Although, maybe that is the one failing in the book. The reader does not see her vulnerability. That provoke all my crazy dreams. Plus the little creatures that live with me decided that it was time to re-acquaint me with "mousy", on the bed. I was only vaguely aware of what was going on because I was in my crazy dreams.

This morning I got up to start the day by making my chai and I turned on the wrong burning on the stove. I am here to tell you that the smoke alarms do work. While I was in the bathroom doing my "ablutions", the smoke alarm went off. On inspection (after ripping out the smoke alarm), I found the problem.
Boy, do I feel vulnerable.
I am human.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Vulnerbility and how we manage to walk this walk. Sometimes a birthday can be such a joy, filled with gratitude and then the opposite...questions, fears about what might be ahead. This year I am old enough for medicare and it will be a huge savings financially (less vulnerbility)The good part is being loved by family!!!

patrice said...

I think birthdays can be many emotions about aging, so many pictures about who we should be by what age. Ak! And we are supposed to put on a silly hat and have a great time?
That said, I hope you can celebrate all that is beautiful and alive, and enjoy this crazy ride.

Phyllis said...

Please send me an email and tell me when your birthday is! So are you also a Gemini?

My daughter read this book and liked it very much, and I am wondering if I should read it too. I watched the original "Grey Gardens" (documentary) last night and this seems to help one feel more peaceful, as their aging years were so wretched and out-of-control. Their six cats were fun to watch though and their pet raccoon living in the attic. My husband snored through the entire thing. I was glued to the whole craziness of their lives! It is grounds for much ruminating.

The toy mouse does have nice character.