Friday, June 5, 2009

My Silk Tie Vest

Once, while my father was still alive, we were watching a performance at Tanglewood with Wynton Marsalis. I enjoyed the performance but what really got me going was his vest. He had this wonderful vest on that was made with recycled silk ties. I had then knew I had to make a silk "Tie" vest for myself. While my father was alive, I had no time to do this feat. But the following Christmas, as a tribute to my father, I made this vest. I have hardly worn it as it is very fragile. I did re-enforced the delicate, old silk with a backing but even so, it is still fragile.A while back, I was reading mendofluer, and she had posted a very lovely vest. It reminded me that I, too, had made a vest. I pulled it out of the closet and found all the memories still intact. Funny, with men, the ties are significant rather than the dresses. I guess that this was because it was the only way men were able to show their personalities.
I made the vest as a Christmas gift to myself and I wore it the whole season. Maybe that was all I needed to do and that is why I had forgotten it.

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Phyllis said...

This is so, so lovely. What a beautiful thing to do as a tribute to your father. I love the way you arranged and pieced the ties. And, yes, isn't it true how we associate men with their ties and women with so many other and varied designs? You should keep on wearing this. It is very beautiful and so original.

I love Marsalis and how fortunate you were to hear him in this great venue.