Monday, June 8, 2009

The Problem of Fabric

This bureau was my daughter-in-law's. She received it from her Grandmother, who I think, got it from a Bekin's unclaimed stored furniture sale. The " kids' " were living in an old house and the bathroom had no storage of any sort. They used this dresser and it was placed opposite the commode. Well, when I used the facilities, I looked at the dresser. It was painted white (I think by the grandmother). I liked it immensely. I liked the grape drawer pulls and the height. All I heard was how the drawers stuck and how it was falling apart. When they were moving to their new place, I received a phone call and was asked if I wanted it. My immediate answer was "Yes!". So, I took my little truck up there and hauled it back. It is solid and heavy but by taking the drawers out, I was able to put the shell on a hand truck and bring it into my shop. There it stood until I was able to examine it and decide what to do. I had my friend, the handy man, come over and he helped align the drawers and re-laminated the wood that was de-laminating in one corner. Then he sanded it down for me. I did not want to strip it because it was light wood and that is not a favorite of mine. So, I decided to do something bold. I painted it red and then "antiqued" it and glazed it. I am tickled with how it turned out. When the "kids' " saw it they said "can we have it back?".

I wanted this dresser for my excess fabric . Well, it obviously does not do the trick. This is becoming like getting one male and one female rabbit. I seem to accumulate fabric like they have bunnies.


patrice said...

It's like a treasure chest. Are those bags all the fabric you cant' fit in it.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

This is a beautiful dresser and so smart of you to have the drawers realigned. I am still struggling (15 years) with two drawers in a tall boy I bought and loved. Do you have a few bags of fabric? ha

Phyllis said...

Well, you do know that fabric breeds don't you? I have the same dilemma, but now I have run out of places for furniture to store it, so I have turned to large plastic tubs under the bed, in closets, etc. I need to rethink my problem.

This dresser is wonderful. I love the color that you used and the way you finished it with the antiquing and glazing. Very, very nice. What color did you use? It is vibrant, but also very suitable in any room. You are such an artist.