Sunday, June 14, 2009

Challenges of Light and Perception

For the first time in my life, I have become serious about the camera. I did take pictures of my son. Some (about 3) were decent and one was good. I think that I was very intimidated by my father and uncle who were at the Art Institute in S.F. while Edward Weston was there teaching. All I knew while I was growing up was the light meter, "hold this light", "get out of the light" and looking at terrific photos taken by the above people. When I was very young, my father had a photo developing lab in the kitchen (sectioned off) and the odors of the chemicals are burned into my brain (I don't know if that is a literal fact or not). Anyway, I could not apply my consciousness to anything that was "already conquered or climbed or done". Totally intimidated. So as a result, I never did anything but point and shoot.
Now I have a problem of photographing this mobile. I get shadows and blurs and it does not look anything like the real thing. Don't know what to do? Maybe I am dealing with a dream and it actually looks this dull. I must be objective about this or I won't solve the problem of the rotten photographs. One of the problems that I must deal with is that when I made this mobile, I was remembering, and still do recall, the time when I collected these beach objects. It was a wonderful Sunday with a boyfriend. We went to Stinson Beach in Northern California. We walked the whole beach. It was a wonderful day. And that might be the problem of capturing the photo. I am capturing the day, and the shadow of the day.


Phyllis said...

Now I see the comment link. Thank you.
I could have a mobile in every room, but I am sure they are difficult to photograph, even if one is an expert. Mobiles lend a certain magic to a room, and I think to look up is to generate hope. When I look down I brood, but when I am looking upwards I am reaching for something greater than myself, always a good thing.

You are so gifted. You could actually sell these. They are so nicely balanced and fascinating. But, again there is always the element of time isn't there?

I guess Stinson Beach was the nicer memory, not the boyfriend. It is a lovely place.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I can see your out of focus and the other a mix of shadows...It is difficult. It still is a beautiful mobile and I'm sure standing on a stool or using a tripod would do the trick. You have talent in your bones!