Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Neglected ?

Since I feel that my house would be much more what I consider wonderful. if I had art on every single surface, I feel that the ceiling is the most neglected area. Since I do not have a scaffolding to paint the ceiling like Michael Angelo, I make do with hanging objects.

This lovely lady is Balinese. She was brought to me by my darling niece . I have her hanging over my resting spot (bed) to symbolize the swimming that the mind does in sleep.

The reason that everything is a little fuzzy is because I am balancing on my bed and that is a trick, that being "grown-up", I have forgotten. Remember the days when standing or jumping on your bed was part of the fun of the day? I almost caught that feeling. Maybe I should try it again?


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Oh yes, she is the best yet!! I love the fact she is up there in the sky over your bed...what wonderful metaphor for dreams! What a wonderful neice! smile!

patrice said...

The ceiling is a wonderful place to adorn, and I think she must evoke wonderful dreams.
Seems like another lifetime when I gave that to you.

Phyllis said...

Now I am convinced you live in an art museum! Wow!!! I LOVE that piece. If she were hanging over my bed I think I would never leave, I would be so entranced by her. Honestly, you have such incredible art. I love that you are willing to share it so others can enjoy it.