Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A New Tea for Me

My darling niece brought me this tea. I am funny about tea. I can drink one type of tea for a very long time. I have a favorite and it will be hard for me to change. That is why I had never tried a white tea. A friend of my niece's had visited China. When she came back, she extolled the benefits of White Tea. She said that it calms the mind and clarifies the thoughts. Just what I needed. The unique part of this tea is that it is brewed only for 30 to 60 seconds. The second time that I had it, I let it stay in the pot and it got a little bitter. The first time it was made by my niece and it was so amazing and pleasant that I knew I had brewed it too long. Well, finally I read the container and now I follow the directions. I do not have it everyday because I do not want to get bored by it. It has a lovely delicate aroma that reminds me of a orange orchard. When I am stressed, all I have to do is lift the lid off of the container and inhale. Boy, just the fragrance is wonderful. It is delightful!! And I have it only on Sundays as a special treat!

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