Friday, March 20, 2009

The Time it Takes To Boil

I have been watching a pot. Hoping for it to boil. But as I heard from my mother as a child, "a watched pot will not boil". So, I put this aside and did other projects. As as luck would have it, it finally, in the early, early time of the morning, it boiled.
I think that I am about to proceed on this project.

Here is The Project:

I save all large scrapes of fabric left from other projects. I mean I have years old stuff. I went through the chest of drawers (I have two just for fabric) and looked for the wool stuff. I found lots. And it all turned out to be things that I had made for other people. Well, and good! The good vibes will enhance my project, I thought.
I made a template 4" x 4" and I cut and cut and cut. I wanted to have at least 200 pieces. But while I was cutting, I got bogged down. I like the concept of the using the wool but as I envisioned the completion of it, I began to hate it. So, I left it alone and let my inner self to deal with it.
Then a couple of nights ago, it once again came together. I have slightly altered the concepts. I gathered more information from some mavens and now I am anxious for Saturday to arrived so I will be free of my overactive conscience to begin.

Right now, we cue in the song "Come Saturday Morning" .


Phyllis said...

It is so true, isn't it, when we get bogged down with a project, the best thing to do is to put it aside and let our dreams work on it for awhile. How I relate to this. I will be eager to come back and see how you resolved this.

patrice said...

can't wait to see what you come up with...