Monday, March 16, 2009

The Love Stills Warms

My Mother loved her granddaughter lots, and lots. My Niece is creative just like her grandmother. They would see eye to eye on many things. For one thing, they both have red hair. A very charming trait.
My Mother sang professionally. When she sang, she wore beautiful costumes that looked like they came from the 1890's. She had two, one butter yellow and the other was royal purple. My talented Mother died in the early 1990's.
When my niece adopted an infant girl, I wanted to celebrate this addition to the family. My Mother would have been especially excited, as she loved little babies. I had the inspiration to make a baby blanket out of her yellow costume. Being that the costumes are over 50 years, it was a little tricky. The yellow fabric was tapestry silk. Absolutely wonderful. I spent all weekend, from morning till night on Saturday and morning till night on Sunday to make this. Of course, I poured all my love into this gift. I remember how exited I was to send this to my new grandniece.
Her mother calls it her baby's "Bonnie Bell Butler" blanket from the book Gone with the Wind.

I am very happy that it was so well received!

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patrice said...

Mmmmm. This wonderful quilt still has the luster and love it had the day you gave it! Annie has enjoyed it, although I have to admit I haven't let her drag it around and wrap the cat in it! She looks regal when it's on her, and I love the layers of love and generations it represents. It is really a masterpiece.