Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lump in the Rug

Hello, Right now, I have two kittens on my lap. They are getting to be giant kittens and it is hard to type without losing one or two. I feel very precarious because I must appease the Kitten God and still do what I want, also.

As you know, kittens are always into everything. Their curiosity is boundless. My house used to be as I left it. Roxanne, my darling that lived with me for twenty years, was not in to havoc making. But these two now are.

Last night I went out and forgot to leave a light on in the entrance way. Bad choice. I came in and practically landed on my bum stumblingon the carpet. The entry rug was balled up and lapped over. They had been at it again!

Chester, the Oriental Shorthair, has all the characteristics that we are familiar with in Siamese cats. But also, he is smart. He finds it extremely fun to roll himself up in the carpet and mew softly. Penelope comes running to find out what he is saying. And the fun begins.

This goes on all day. I straighten out the rug. Chester comes along and to play "Lump in the Rug".

P.S. This photo was extremely hard to take. Every time I tried, he would leave the rug to see what I was doing. The little devil!

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