Thursday, March 5, 2009

Middle of the Night Perusings

I am not quite done with this purse but I want to share it. I need to put in a few more pockets. The way it was made did not allow me to install the pockets while the inards were separate from the exterior.

I get my ideas in the middle of the night. Right after I get back in bed and can't go to sleep right away. When I realize that sleep won't return,I then try to puzzle what is keeping me awake. Sometimes I can figure it out and sometimes it is just worry. When I can figure it out, it is an idea that has been boiling. Well, the idea that I had been working on with this purse is this:
1. I had this wonderful fabric - a remnant that I insisted on buying. It was to small to made anything from but the colors and flowers got under my skin.

2. I had bought red quilted fabric to make a jacket for my grandson but I didn't make it. I thought, "Oh, no, I can't give that to a little boy. It will get dirty and get thrown into the wash and everything will be pink". So, I had this red quilted fabric as extra.

3. Also I wanted to see if gros grain ribbon could be gathered and how it would feel.

I put all this in my brain and I came up with this idea. I would get the iron on fusing material. Fuse the great red floral to the quilted fabric, gather the gros grain and use as a trim. Sounds so easy in the middle of the night but in actual fact, it took quite a few weekends to do. Add on to that I am not done yet.

But I am very pleased with the outcome. Am I allowed to say that?
By the way, the feel of gathered gros grain is quite engaging.

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