Saturday, March 28, 2009

Only Time Will Tell

My dear, darling, beautiful kittens had a free-for-all, and in their fun, they knocked my sewing box off the shelf. My sewing box had been a gift from a friend and in that, it was special. I kept all my bits and pieces that I wanted to save in that box. My thimbles that I have collected, the small tools that my grandmother had given me, some very, very old thread that had no value, needles and iron on patches that I had used for my son's clothes. The box was broken. I tried to repair it. But the top would not be repaired.
The old box was clear plastic. That is what I liked about it. It was Lucite plastic and I could see very clearly what was in the box. But most of my important sewing is in the drawer in the sewing table. The thread, the bobbins, the needles and the scissors are all in there. In many ways, I have outgrown the box.
This new box won't break anytime soon.
Maybe the darlings were hearing a voice from the universe saying "Move on".


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Nice colors and it looks as if it has loads of slots for things. I bought one of those sewing but has an old fashioned style...I have yet to transfer my stuff. Your kittens did you a favor.

patrice said...

I remember that box fondly too because of it's transparency. So easy to see all inside. Boo Hoo. So efficiency and economy aren't as pretty.