Thursday, March 5, 2009

Have I mentioned that I have Kittens?

I know that I sort of go on about the Kittens. Calling them Demon Kittens and saying that Chester was a bully. But two kittens is twice the trouble and also, twice the joy.

I came into the house a day or so ago and found all of the couch pillows on the floor. It is like having two toddlers in the house. Fun, fun, fun and trouble, trouble, trouble.

I get books from the library. I don't like to keep books that are not of a reference or history source. But I read all the time and I especially enjoy mysteries. so, I go to the library. I consider the Library the best bargain that the universe has given me.

So here I am, two Saturday night's ago sitting at the kitchen table. I am enjoying a glass of red wine and my book. Chester had just come home from the vet's on Thursday, after having his "procedure" done to him. He had an Elizabethan collar on to prevent licking and causing more harm. He is a curious cat and he thinks he has to know everything that is going on. He investigates what I eat, how I brush my teeth, tells me what he needs and generally bosses Penelope around.

Back to Saturday night. He has his collar on and I am at the table. Everything is quiet and I am peaceful. Bam! Chester jumps up to the table, the collar catches the wine goblet, down goes the glass and the wine pours all over my library book. I did not lose a second. I jumped up and grabbed the sponge. Put the red pages under the water. Nothing happened. Then I got the eve ready bottle of bleach. Put water with it and worked on the pages. Nothing, nothing nothing. I had a red library book on my hands.

At that point, I looked at the book. I noticed that I was the first user of this book. The cost was $24.95. Yikes!!! The cost of the glass of wine went up mega times.

After the book dried, I could see that nothing would help erase the color or the fragrance of wine. So, I went on Amazon to compare prices. It worked out to be $5.00 cheaper to buy from them. It got here in the nick of time. I took it in and the people were amused with my story and pleased not to have to go to the trouble of ordering a new book.

And I got to take the damaged book home, to pass along to another mystery reader.

Oh, the costs of the Demon Kittens is adding up!

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