Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nature Trails or Strange Things Are Happening

I walk every morning with my dogs. I take each one separetly. This solves two problems. First , I get double the amount of walking time and second, it cuts down on the control of dog confrontations. Once, when I first had the two dogs, Simon and Frida, I walked both together. I did that exactly once. Down the block there was a male Blue Point Hunter. My male German Shepherd felt that he must protect his female, Frida, and me. It is very hard to control two German Shepherds who want to go another way. I held tight and inched my way back to a telephone pole and hung on. When everyone began to see things my way, we went back home.

Since Simon is the one that takes such good care of me, when we go on our walk I let him smell and scent anything he wants. Yesterday, he found a wonderful plastic bag. I could hardly tear him away from it. My curiosity became aroused. I looked closer and then closer still. Someone had chopped up a snake and put it in the bag. It was a BIG snake. I did not see the other 10-12 feet of it, only the first 12 inches. And oh boy, it was mighty.

From the markings, it looked like a Boa Constrictor and it was BIG!

What you see when you take yourself out into the world. WOW!


patrice said...

Creepy and thrillingly bizarre! Are you sure you're not pulling our legs?

Phyllis said...

Pretty sad. All I can think of is the poor, sad death of this snake. Why would anyone be so unkind?
The world continues to be one of cruelty and neglect when it comes to non-human life. I think it should have been reported, but my awakened consciousness is for the animals of the world.