Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend Plans

My uncle was a designer of jewelry. He was attending art school while I was growing up. He gave me my first ring when I was nine. It was real!!! It was made of silver with a dot of gold on it. Of course, I lost it very soon after I received it. But I never forgot it or its design. Also, the fact that it was real set my course for life. I like "real" jewelry and the "real" has to be singular and not mass produced. That sounds so high hat, but the "real" and "unique" resonates deep within me.

So, since I am a simple soul, the "real" jewelry is a little beyond my means, I solved that by liking what I can make myself. I really enjoy my own jewelry.

I saw an ancient design in the Sundance catalog and it reminded me that I had made my sister this years before. I call it a "Bead Ring" but they called it a "Pinned Ring". Essentially it is a bead that has a wire going though it and the band comes up the side to hold the wire from the bead. It is ancient. I have seen replicas and original rings from Roman times and I am sure that it comes from before that time.

Well, I brought out what I need. The final adornments will come after I have made the ring. The stone is a form of Quartz and it is a Chinese carved bead. I don't know how old but it is not machine carved. My uncle gave it to me from his "stash". Maybe this weekend I will begin!

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Blue Sky Dreaming said...

A plan...The first of the five steps of creating! The dreamer dreaming...oh it is always so exciting to know the journey will begin.