Thursday, March 12, 2009

Smile, She Said.....

Last Friday night, or early morning my subconscious self said " You will be cheerful today!".. This was said in a commanding voice and I don't take commands very well. But all day I tried to be cheerful. Sweeping out bad thoughts and putting a smile on my face. I finally thought, I must make something. But laziness said "Now, nothing to big, dearie".

I re-strung a necklace that I had made years ago that had stretched out. Now, I was much happier afterwards. The blue beads are cultured pearls from my Grandmother and the orange beads are antique Italian Coral.

I haven't taken it off and when I catch my reflection in the mirror, I smile.


patrice said...

Now, I'm smiling!
I love this post!

LivingSimply said...

Awe...what a wonderful reminder that most times, we are in charge of OUR attitudes, actions, and reactions. Good for you and thanks for giving me a reminder!