Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Comission

A lady back east saw a Brown Corduroy bag that I had made. I made it as a "Knock Around" bag, but to glamour it up a bit, I trimmed it in Amber and Gold beads. The lady liked it but really wanted Red Corduroy. Not red but Lipstick Red. That took some doing. You would think that any store would have the basic colors of Corduroy but no. I scoured the web. Even ordered some fabric. And the time from the order to the time of beginning was growing longer. Finally, I decided that I had to get in the car and "crawl" the fabric stores. But I let my fingers do the walking first. I Finally found one store that said yes. I drove clear across town and in Los Angeles that is a long space of time and miles. They had 3/4's of a yard left. But it was the perfect color. I took it.
I emailed the lady and she was happy that progress had begun. Then 3-4 weeks later. I finished it. The bead work took so long, I thought my eyes would collapse on themselves. She loved the idea of common fabric and the beads. I used American Turquoise and Tourmaline beads on the front. The lady had lived in the Southwest and is also part American Indian. Now she lives in the East, near the Atlantic. That is why I put a piece of Ivory Scrimshaw on the back. The Silk lining is a bright purple with embroidered colored Polka Dots. She called to say that it was just what she wanted. I was thrilled

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