Sunday, July 12, 2009

Next Time I Will Iron the BackGround!

I was so excited last night, when I finally finished this purse, that I couldn't wait to iron the sheet. I do apologize for the wrinkled distraction. But, after almost two months of work, I am done. I learned many things along the way. I have worked slowly, so that the purse itself could say how to proceed. That is what happened. I would go one way and I would have to rip out and go the other way. It was curious. But the fun I had in making this purse was paramount to the completion. I love the color Red. And when all the many items came together, it formed a whole. And the reason the sheet isn't iron is because the daylight was fading and I wanted natural light to photograph this. This is red tweed Wool and red Leather. I just got the red Leather two weeks ago when my darling niece and I went to the FIDM Scholarship store. It was a little tiny piece but the color was so wonderful that I scooped it up and ran home with it.

I made the shoulder strap wide, as a design statement. But because it is wide, it does not stay on the shoulder easily. This is what I planned to do. I created a little friction by interweaving strips of the leather. And as a final gesture of freedom, I added the baubles on the end to create tassels. The yellow stone is American Amber, the beads are Indian Silver. It makes a lovely clicking sound when I walk with the purse on my shoulder. The inside is lined with navy blue Velvet and navy blue Satin. My photo of the lining came to late in the day and it does not show very well.

And the following photo is my photographic helper, Chester.


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Oh Yeah! The workmanship is equisite. I clicked on the photo to see the X connection in the fabric with the leather detail. The beads are a wonderful addition.

patrice said...

Oh La La in La!!
The shape is so sexy and the strap work is amazing! I love it. You're impulses are sound and so innovative.

Laura J. Wellner (author pseudonym Laura J. W. Ryan) said...

I love the purse, that red is gorgeous and the beads are perfect! And your little furry "helpers" are adorable! (My how they have grown!) And your worry over the background wrinkles made me laugh out loud...I've done the same thing, photographed something so perfect and then cringe about "that thing" in the background that someone might never give a second thought about...because they're supposed to be looking at the art, not that cobweb dangling from the beam...ha ha!!

Phyllis said...

What a great bag. I too love the shape and the strap.

I also like your new banner. It is wonderful!

Thank you for the article you sent. When my life conforms to something more predictable I will send you a proper note. I will be back very soon.